Ace Of Fades™

Our Mission

At ACE of Fades Barbershop, our mission is to deliver unparalleled confidence through luxury grooming. We believe in prioritizing quality over quantity, taking the time to provide each client with an exceptional experience. Our barbers are dedicated to offering top-tier service, maintaining a pristine and welcoming environment, and executing every cut with precision and care. We pride ourselves on our efficiency without compromising on detail, ensuring that every visit leaves our clients looking and feeling their best. At ACE of Fades, we are committed to setting the standard for excellence in grooming, creating a space where confidence and style meet. 

The Ace Of FAdes Team

Constantly experimenting with different hair types and textures, we offer premium grooming services, and serve confidence daily!

Adam Enscoe

Owner and Founder Adam Enscoe, the 24-year-old owner of ACE of Fades, has been a licensed barber since 2019 and has been cutting hair since 2015. He founded ACE of Fades in May 2023 with a mission to provide unforgettable service and uplifting conversations that enhance the mood, and confidence of his clientele. Adam’s favorite aspect of cutting hair is operating the straight razor, as it instantly elevates the haircut and provides a fantastic feeling, especially when followed by soothing aftershave products.

Alec Pacheco 

Alec Pacheco is a nineteen-year-old licensed barber working for the brand ACE of Fades. With two years of experience in cutting hair, as a licensed professional, Alec is dedicated to providing an exceptional experience to each consumer. His favorite aspect of barbering is the lineup, as he believes it’s the step that brings the whole haircut together. Outside of the barbershop, Alec enjoys engaging in recreational sports and spending quality time with his family.

Maddox Reader

Maddox Reader is an eighteen-year-old apprentice barber who is new to ACE of Fades. He has been honing his skills for about two years during his final years of high school. He finds great joy in boosting his clients’ confidence through his work, with a particular passion for perfecting fades. When he’s not at the barbershop, Maddox enjoys spending time working on cars and staying fit through regular workouts.

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175 Scharberry Lane, Mars, PA 16046
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